Planning a Baby Shower


You guys, its happening. One of my best friends is HAVING A BABY! 😱Bridget is welcoming a baby boy in to this world and I have the pleasure of planning a co-ed bash to celebrate the little one. 

I'll be honest, at first I wasn't quite sure where to start. From what I remember about baby showers, you go to someone's aunt's house and sit in the basement while opening presents and playing silly baby games. Baby Bingo? Bingo.

Fast forward to 2018 and a lovely website called Pinterest, and suddenly its a whole new ball game! 


Bridget is from Texas and with a little boy on the way it only seemed fitting that we have a cowboy western themed party. I've been pinning my life away and coming up with all kinds of inspo and craft ideas for the event. Its tough to find event space in Los Angeles, especially on a limited budget. We were looking for somewhere to hold 30 people comfortably that wasn't going to break the bank. With no relatives or friends with homes large enough, I took to AirBnB! I found the perfect home in Echo Park and a gracious host that was more than happy to rent to us. Be sure to check with your host before having an event at your AirBnB space to avoid extra fees or worse, being kicked out!


Keep your eyes peeled for the final results. I'll be sure to take LOTS of photos and hopefully some video too! Would you want me to live stream part of it so you can all feel involved?? It won't be the same without our kittens. 

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