Chocolate and Dogs


I like to start talking to people as if I have known them for years, even if we just met. Same goes here. I like red lipstick, tattoos and dogs. I also just dive right in, like we are soulmates sharing dark chocolate, deep in conversation. It's who I am. 

When Jennifer asked me if I wanted to be a part of PURRPUSSXO I literally thought I was hallucinating. Me? Play in YOUR sandbox? 

Y'all, I couldn't say YES fast enough. My name is Blaire, and I am a photographer, wife, and mom of 3 daughters. One is a wizard, and is on the Autism Spectrum. I document our lives via my trusty Canon that I named Nigel. 

I am so happy to be a contributor here on PURRPUSSXO, and can't wait to take this ride, with you! 



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