My Own Little Secret

I honestly have no idea why it has taken me so long to post these photos. Sometimes I just hold on to them like they're a secret because they're mine. Like if I share them, maybe other people won't like them and it will somehow change my own view on them.

Something tells me that won't be the case here. 

I wish Madison lived in the states. And even more selfishly, I wish she lived near me in SoCal. I could take her picture all day every day.

Madison posted a few of these to her Instagram account a while back. I mean, this shoot was MONTHS ago. Anyway, when she did, a user commented that it was such a shame that this shoot was wasted indoors when it clearly needed to be outside. The person also commented that my choice to leave the items in the background was distracting and taking away from the image.

Maybe that person's comments is what has stopped me from showing these to the rest of the world. But today I say screw that guy! haha I love the items in the back. I love giving the viewer an idea of what goes on behind-the-scenes. To me, by allowing that glimpse it make the photos more real and relatable. 

What do you think, do you like them?




photos and words: Alysha Nett
model: Madison Skye

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