Yaya she's talented alright...

For the love of my talent, let me keep my clothes on.
— Yaya Kosikova

I really love when a woman has the right to decide how she's portrayed. Most anytime a woman shoots with a photographer they instantly want her nude or suggestively nude. Which is all fine and dandy, some women really love that and I applaud them for it. To each their own. However, there is another kind of woman and we often forget about her because nudity always beats out a clothed body. There is beauty is a wrapped up body. Lets not forget this in life. 

Meet Yaya!

This is a woman who feels just as beautiful in her clothes as she does out. Model turned photographer says she is tired of feeling like the sum of her parts..."For the love of my talent, let me keep my clothes on." #boom4real I think many women could agree with her. While some like to explore their bodies some like to explore their hidden talents. 

No problem babe...

Here's a day in the life with someone who is exploring her purrpuss. Equipped with years in front of the lens this babe is being what she wants in other photographers...and she kills it!  ;) www.yayakosikova.com

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