Politicking with the Freaks

Meet your latest girl crush and style inspo, Alanna Pearl.

She has been at the top of my list to shoot for some time now, but I was too intimidated to make it happen. Creativity oozes out of this girl and I was afraid that I wasn't edgy enough, or even on her same level. In the end, I think the juxtaposition of my feminine aesthetic and her out-of-this-world style turned out to be a perfect match. 

Once we started talking about her directorial debut (NSFW) film "Cooking with Candice", I got a better insight in to Alanna's creative process. Hearing her tell me that she wanted to speak for women and how we view pornography made me respect the VHS film that much more. Purrpuss is meant to be a safe place for women to come and celebrate their sexuality and I will support any and all women that fight for that same right.

Thank you for Luna Lovebad for your amazing make up skills this day. Alanna fully styled herself in some of the best vintage pieces I've ever seen. Don't forget to watch "Cooking with Candice" and be sure to follow Alanna for more.


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