Atomic Housewife

Friends...what would a girl do without her friends? I know I would most likely be toast. There are so many times in a creative persons life where they just don't feel very creative at all...The GOOD friends that know you and know you well will call you out and force you to face your struggle, your fear or your laziness. Keep those friends close. 

This series is just that. My friend Bo Don called me out and as boy-ish as she feels she let me do something out of her comfort zone per se. (Let me say first that Bo is a  pro-model having done some of the biggest campaigns and runway shows so she can do anything creatively.) So, she came to my rescue and threw me into a last minute feeling of '"oh shit what am I going to do?!" I started running around my house trying to pull odds and ends together to create something interesting with no time under my belt. This is when fun truly happens. I have never been one to me it takes away all the fun and then its just a job. Of course for work I will do it but any other time I will not. It has to be instantly inspired by whats around us. It also serves as a creative excercise to think on your feet.

This is what we pulled together thinking on our feet and no planning. And Yes, we laughed so much making the experience memorable. Thank you Bo Bon! I think it's time for a new playdate.