Model: Andrea Layton  Photographer: Camraface

How do you do a girl like Drea justice when you're not a writer and only a photographer? I met this beautiful creature years ago while we were both out in the Hollywood party scene. She was tall, wild and intense but in the best way possible. There was no way not to have fun with her and I loved her for it. Thennn all of a sudden life happened and we lost touch...However, Drea (as I call her) was always in the back of my mind so when we decided to start PurrPuss I knew I had to call her but more importantly because I just wanted to be in her presences again. 

Model: Andrea Layton  Photographer: Camraface

From the moment she walked in to shoot with us I was floored. Here is this dope chic who tripled up in dopeness!? What? She was glowing with the kinda smile that comes from the inside and out through the eyes. She was filled with exciting news telling me she had removed herself from the Hollywood scene for a better life in Long Beach where she is now married and has an adorable baby girl named Charlie. The transition to motherhood however proved to be a struggle in the beginning which lead her to start searching for answers but also herself. When I asked if she felt like she had found herself she replied, " Oh hell no! Haha I don't think that's really an obtainable goal. Have I found a direction, I guess you could say that. I know what character of people I want in my corner, I know what I need to be happy with myself. I've learned plenty about who I am, both good and bad, but I don't think we're just one person to be found. There are so many sides to all of us, we're constantly changing constantly learning and growing. How does one find themselves if the person I was yesterday is no longer the same person today. I guess you could say I've stopped looking for myself and started learning about myself,  Whoever that may be at the moment." Boom 4 real!  =) The moment was so inspring to say the least. All of this had me curious tho...what is she doing differently?  It was simple, she says she reached out and believes the universe lead her to a path by dropping a few cameras in her way and that's when she instantly fell in love. She started shooting her family but as a former model she had a bigger vision so she started directing and styling her own shoots just for fun. Now she spends her time acquiring new cameras to mix her with other hobby surfing. HA! Talk about a hottie! =)

I also asked Drea if she wanted to nominate another woman for us to do a piece on and she jumped at the chance to nominate her friend who inspires her to no end named Becky Garcia. She says she is a soulful creative woman with crazy amounts of confidence and love. I'm all for it. Becky if you're reading this give us a call! 

Here are some photos by Andrea Layton

I'm not done yet...While I was photographing her I decided to shoot some video as well. I grabbed my iphone and had some fun... hope you like. =)

I think she found her PurrPuss in life! <3



Camraface xo