"The world needs to know her face."

That's the first thing I told my manager after I had finished shooting Gleveen "Glo" McBeth that day. She is a true talent and I am grateful to have been able to work with her in these early developing stages of her new (and exciting) career.

She was excited, ambitious, polite, charismatic, self-sufficient.. all the qualities that make up the best kinds of models. I was surprised that she took the initiative to bring her own hair and makeup team as well as reach out to stylists and designers to deliver these great pieces. For once, all I had to do was show up. 

It wasn't too hard for me to figure out what her purrpuss is... Glo is here to create and take the modeling world by storm.




hair: Karen Ashley Bates
MUA: Keyla Young
gowns: @madeforla


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