Late Night Read

I suppose "late night" will only apply to those of you on the east coast or beyond, but anymore to me it feels late although it's only 7:52 at night. It's Friday also, in case any of you have forgotten. I did. I always do. 

Part of the purpose of Purrpuss is to help us discover the purrpuss in all of our beautiful subjects. Along the ride I hope to find mine.

I think it is safe to say that helping others comes to me by default, although sometimes to my disadvantage I might add. But helping a woman feel beautiful and confident in herself is the type of help I would willingly lend for the rest of my life. 

I had the pleasure of working with two new faces recently. Both enjoy modeling as a past time that strengthens their self confidence. Both showing promise as new models. Both eager to learn and listen as I helped them find their comfort zones and watched them find their groove. There is a particular moment that you feel when you are modeling; when you realize it is happening out of natural movement.  You're finding your rhythm.

Meet Nina.

jewelry provided by  Terracoast

jewelry provided by Terracoast


Stay tuned for Chelsea, coming soon to Purrpuss!



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