Mother may I?

I don’t know what I am yet. Everyday it’s different. But I AM a mother now.
— Tara Retes

Some of us search our entire lives trying to find our purrpuss but sometimes our purrpuss finds us.

Above is my beautiful friend Tara Retes who recently asked me to come over and privately shoot this moment in time. UM YES! I love photographing pregnant women but more importantly really honored they even allow me to. Pregnancy is such a precious time but also a time when you aren't so sure about all the ways your body is changing. You really have to trust the person you ask to photograph you. So, needless to say I'm really stoked they pick me. =)

However, after I photographed her I had to break my code of private shooting and ask if I could please share the photos. I can honestly say she's one of the best looking prego mama's I've seen.  No lie her body was gorgeous and her breasts were unreal. Not sure it's ok to even say that but it's the truth.  Not all pregnancies go so great but she somehow got the golden ticket of a beautiful pregnancy. My first was cute and my second was brutal! HA!  

Anyway, I wanted her to know and feel the beauty I saw in her despite feeling so big and out of sorts. 

When she finally agreed to let me show them off I wanted to also discuss her talents in life as a writer and chef but she quickly told me she doesn't know how she feels about those things anymore since becoming a mother. Her life has turned upside down (in a good way) and for me to slow my horse cause she is barely able to stay awake long enough to even think about it. HA! Brand new Mommy-hood how could I so quickly forget? You're off the hook for now! I know what your purrpuss is for the next couple of months! I'll be back for you though!