A Moment in Time

Isn't that really what a photo is? We're capturing that one moment in time, that ONE MOMENT. Sort of trippy when you think about it. Of all the moments in all the time we have on earth, we decided to capture that one. 

What was it about that particular moment that spoke to me? It could've been the cutesy cat mask I asked her wear. Or maybe it was the strappy bodysuit that she brought. But mostly, it was the challenge of breaking through a model's typical modeling "act". 

Now, there is nothing wrong with the aforementioned "act". As a model, I'll be the first to admit that I can slide in and out of character whenever needed. I put on my glamour girl outfit, curl my hair, throw on some lashes, and its on. I serve that camera all the hair flips, bedroom eyes, and back arches that it could possibly want/need! I mean, c'mon, what else could they possibly want from me?

I want emotion. I want sex appeal. I want attitude. I want to capture the woman that is standing in front of me. Sometimes I DO want her to be hitting all the perfect model poses that she knows all too well, but its those in-between moments that I live for. Its the bit of uncertainty she might feel because the posing or direction is different than normal. Capturing that moment and being able to show her how beautiful she is even when she feels less than confident? THAT is the most gratifying type of photo and my favorite moments in time.




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