Take Notice Thursday


Last year I went into a local nail shop where I spotted this beautiful girl with the most unique face I'd ever seen. I of course sit next to her hoping to strike up conversation. She comes off a bit shy so I start with the topic of nail color and slowly moved into who the hell and where the hell do you come from bit. Lord knows I couldn't help myself! We introduce ourselves and after some time she tells me she's a singer that just moved here from NY. My eyes widen with excitement because if I had one wish in life it would be to sing. Truly feel like you can solve most any issue with the gift of song. Call me crazy...most do. Anyhow, we exchanged info and I walked away from this sweet intriguing soul and headed to my house so I could google the hell out of her! Holy shit was the first thing that came to mind! I called my girlfriend into the room and we both sat listening to her music floored that this shy lil creature could be so humble about her super talented self. You must check her out by clicking here.

Niia, your purrpuss in life is so huge and I'm so happy to know you!