Girls Just Want to Have Fun


Not too long ago I traveled cross country with a group of friends and some pro skaters to a festival in Tennessee called Bonnaroo. This was one of the best moments in my life for sure. We were documenting the entire trip while strapped up with brands who had sponsored us. We stopped in various locations camping out, exploring and best of all LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF! I wish I could go back! I miss these people tremendously!

So, here's a clip that I have to share cause it's just too perfect AND honest. We had been driving for what seemed like forever..Gas was starting to run out and we needed a break UNTIL the girls favorite song came on. I'm driving mind you and only have my iPhone on me to catch this awesomeness. It's one take and seems staged even up to the guy perving on us but it wasn't at all! 

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.