I Could Smack Myself!


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a story teller that danced in the moonlight of any kind of visual creation. I dream in full script, I see in frames and I survive off of it. However, I've only ever created in a still life. I have been SUCH A DAMN CHICKEN when it comes to video and film. I want so badly to only be creating moving pictures but with the crazy hectic life that I lead, I've shyed away from it. I can't really tell you why other than I'm a full on chickenshit. Yep, I said it. First step is admitting right? In reality it's so dumb that I don't do it because once I really try I know all my dreams will come true and I will be living my full purrpuss in life. THIS is why I get so butthurt when I see dope videos like the one above . I think to myself  WTF why didn't I think of that but better yet why didn't I get up and do it! SMH. (there was a lot of I's in there I know but it's because I'm in a battle with myself!) Levels! 

Here's to getting some guts and going after what I want in life. 

Check out this video and its full on creative self. I wish it was me that made it.