The Fall is Half the Fun

You know what I'm talking about. The fall! That long, crazy, wild fall that happens when you finally take the leap into the unknown. You're trying to figure out your purrpuss and enjoying every minute of it. 

Maybe some of you don't know what I'm talking about. I mean, it is pretty scary.. jumping and all. But I'm here to tell you that if you have always wanted to try something, go somewhere, be someone.. then there is no better time than now. Do not fear the unknown, relish in it! 

Emmy came all the way from Austin and while she was in LA we set up a shoot. She told me about the journey coming here and the hardships she faced that would have given any other person a reason to cancel, but yet she didn't. She told me about her dreams & aspirations and I could feel her spirit and excitement. It made me think back to when I first started modeling and how grateful I was for any opportunity to travel and meet new people, create new work. 

Make sure to follow Emmy on Instagram. I have a feeling she will be going far!

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